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Россия, Москва, 1-я Брестская ул., 62 Россия, Москва, 1-я Брестская ул., 62
+7 499 251-13-83 +7 499 251-13-83
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MON 24 Hours
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The SUP-cafe appeared in the city when Moscow only entered the taste of club fun, vinyl magic and tusovka life all day long. The idea to rejuvenate at any time of the day or night, to go to the start or to refresh yourself before going to bed with a plate of excellent soup was perceived with a bang. As soon as the 24-hour cafe was open, night party people immediately began to come here, managers and employees, and students — in the morning and in the evening — and simply good people at any time of the day — began to come. The super important element of the SUP was the constant presence of DJs, then the main characters of nightlife. These were vinyl aesthetes, absolutely confused by the modern electronic music guys who played music for the sake of music. Whenever you go to a cafe, the best selection will always sound here. The playlist of the bar is designed so that the SUPA visitors are charged with vivacity and good mood around the clock. As a result, all Moscow party-goers knew clearly - in the SUP you can not only improve your health, but also warm your soul. After all, music heals both spiritually and physically, especially if it penetrates to the very depths of the soul. Now the SUP has been revived. Given the current requirements for design, recipe and music. But the atmosphere, the very damned confidential atmosphere, the secular “women” and notorious revelers, football fans and patrons of the conservatory, larks and owls, remained the same. And this brand is personified by our corporate SUP-platter!
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