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Хургада Хургада
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This church, built in 1922 by the British for employees of oil companies (oil was mined in Hurghada at the beginning of the 20th century), was originally Catholic. Then the laconic architecture of the building was transferred to the Copts - Egyptian Christians. it is interesting The Copts are representatives of one of the most ancient branches of Christianity, which dates back to the middle of the 1st century. According to legend, the Apostle Mark, the author of one of the four Gospels, brought Christian teachings to Egypt. Today, no more than 7-8 percent of Copts are left in the country (about 6 million people). Tourists are allowed to attend the temple, while many of them are quite surprised: during the service of the congregation is not worth it, but sitting on comfortable benches, hanging a projector on the wall, and fans in the corners. At the same time, the “dress code” is also not tough - in the temple you can meet women with uncovered heads.
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