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Испания, Barcelona, Plaça Reial, 12 Испания, Barcelona, Plaça Reial, 12
+34 933 02 51 94 +34 933 02 51 94
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Perhaps one of the most unusual places for eating in Barcelona, ​​and it is not surprising, because the cafe is located at the current Krishna church! This is a wonderful place to have healthy, tasty and, very unusual, namolennoy food. The food of the Hare Krishnas is called prasadam, which is translated from Sanskrit as “divine favor,” therefore, the attitude towards prasadam is special. Krishna believers believe that while taking prasadam, their chakras open, and they themselves are purified. Prasad is always a very tasty vegetarian food that is cooked with great love. It is not necessary to be a Hare Krishna in order to feel the positive effect and grace from such food. If you are accustomed to small portions, then it is better to limit yourself by picking up food on a plate, since leaving prasad is not good. To try all the dishes, naguite appetite and go to visit Krishna. For only 8 euros you get access to a buffet with a large selection of nutritious and extremely tasty dishes with an Indian touch. Spices and sauces will give a taste extravaganza and awaken you to life and good mood. In the dining room you have an unlimited number of approaches. First try the fresh vegetables of the salad bar with different dressings and hot soup. Then go to the main dishes - there are several types of vegan burgers, traditional Dal, steamed vegetables and much more. Hot dishes change here every day. Everything is cooked in ghee oil. Therefore, if you follow the correctness of your nourishment, a real feast of the belly awaits you in the Krishna Temple. At lunch for 8 euros includes ginger tea and dessert to choose from. To get to Krishna restaurant, you need to click on the intercom button with the inscription Krishna Temple and go up to the second floor.
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