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Kushi Shabu is a real Japanese restaurant. Decent decor with colorful Japanese paintings, artwork and lamps makes it look like a small Japanese town in Los Angeles. Large wooden wall carpets are decorated with silk flower arrangements. The walls of Kushi Shabu are covered in Japanese quotes. This family-run restaurant offers wheelchair access and private parking. It has an internal seating position. Tatami rooms are designed for parties and meetings. It hosts corporate booking events. Kushi Shabu is an economical restaurant. Most products cost between 15 and 30 dollars. Kobe beef is a specialty of the restaurant. It is grilled and stewed in traditional Japanese pots. Meals are served in traditional Japanese clay pots and plates. Shabu and Katsu combo, served with traditional sauces and signature sauce, is a popular dish. The bar offers a wide range of Japanese craft beers.
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