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Испания, Barcelona, Baixada de Sant Miquel, 3 Испания, Barcelona, Baixada de Sant Miquel, 3
+34 933 01 85 10 +34 933 01 85 10
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Hidden in the alleys of the Gothic Quarter, La Cereria restaurant boasts twenty years of experience in preparing delicious and healthy dishes according to traditional recipes from different countries. The main philosophy of the institution is not only to use quality products, but also to be responsible for all stages of the transformation of ingredients into ready-made food. For example, restaurant cooks themselves pray for flour from different types of cereals, dehydrate vegetables, not forgetting the traditions of old recipes that our grandmothers prepared. Owners say their restaurant was popular long before vegetarian food became popular. The menu includes buckwheat flour pancakes with brie and spinach, millet and beet burgers, taboule salad or red pesto salad, provolone with tomatoes, stuffed eggplants, homemade cakes, juices and necks. Inside you will find a cozy room decorated in vintage style, a few tables on the terrace and a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. At lunchtime there is the option of a two-course set menu and dessert for 12.50 euros.
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