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Испания, Barcelona, Carrer de la Fusina, 3 Испания, Barcelona, Carrer de la Fusina, 3
+34 933 10 22 03 +34 933 10 22 03
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In this elegant restaurant with excellent service come to taste fresh seafood and fish, which were bought on the same day on the market and prepared according to traditional Catalan recipes. Stone walls, arched passages and twilight create an intimate atmosphere, ideal for a romantic date. Order some snacks, a bottle of Rias Baixas white wine and fish for a hot one. At the entrance to the restaurant on a showcase with ice, you can show the waiter what kind of fish you cook. For starters, try cod carpaccio, Galician octopus, tuna tartare, garlic shrimp, mussels and huge French oysters. The second one can order lobster or fish, usually there are several varieties to choose from - gilthead, sole, turbot, trex or other fish caught on that day. There are several types of paella on the menu and delicious rice with lobster in broth. The restaurant has an outdoor terrace. We advise you to book a table by phone in advance. The average bill is 30-40 euros per person.
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