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Испания, Barcelona, Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 58 Испания, Barcelona, Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 58
+34 932 21 21 27 +34 932 21 21 27
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You can not go to Spain without trying paella. Paella is a rice dish cooked with fish and seafood, and sometimes with meat, rabbit or vegetables. If you want to try a real paella cooked according to all the rules, using the freshest ingredients, reserve a table at the restaurant La Mar Salada and be sure to come here for a maximum possible appetite. If you are a big company, then before paella you should order at all a few snacks of vegetables and seafood. Try mussels, calamari, artichokes, lobster croquettes and bread with tomatoes. But try not to eat too much, because ahead is the main dish - the deliciously beautiful paella in a traditional round pan. In addition to classic paella, you can order black rice with seafood and squid ink or creamy rice with shrimps and mushrooms. The price for paella is always indicated per person, but it can only be ordered if you are at least two. That is, if the paella menu costs 20 euros, then for two you pay 40 euros for it. Service at the restaurant La Mar Salada is excellent, prices are above average, but for an institution of this level near the sea is normal. The average price of hot dishes is about 16 euros, and snacks from 3 to 10 euros. From Monday to Friday at lunchtime there is an option for a two-course set meal and a dessert to choose from for 17.50 euros. The proposed dishes of this dinner are changed every week. The choice of five dishes on the first and the same on the second. In addition to the hall inside there is an open terrace. There are many similar establishments around the restaurant, which are mostly visited only by tourists, but the quality of food and service at La Mar Salada restaurant is much higher, despite its location in the very center of the tourist flow. Do not forget to book a table in advance.
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