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Испания, Barcelona, Carrer de la Pescateria, 6 Испания, Barcelona, Carrer de la Pescateria, 6
+34 932 68 73 89 +34 932 68 73 89
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One of the best places in Barcelona where marble Argentinean beef is cooked is located in Borne and is called La Santa del Born. Here come the hungry meat eaters and get in addition to the required dose of protein for the body, great pleasure, tasting local steaks, meat sandwiches and luxury burgers. La Santa del Born is a small, cozy restaurant on the pedestrian street of Born, where Argentines work and cook delicious burgers using only the highest quality marble beef. Try the Black Angus burger, it is a bit more expensive than usual, but you definitely will not regret the extra euros spent. If you do not eat meat, be sure to order grilled squid with ali-oli sauce, they are just superb and melt in your mouth. The menu also includes many other tapas: croquettes, patatas bravas, mussels and a large selection of delicious salads. To complete the picture, order a bottle of red wine and do not forget, after completing the meal, at least an hour to walk around Born, exercise after such a feast is simply necessary. Prices for burgers from 7 to 11 euros, the average bill per person 20 euros.
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