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Испания, Barcelona, Carrer del Parlament, 1 Испания, Barcelona, Carrer del Parlament, 1
+34 936 76 03 30 +34 936 76 03 30
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The immaculately elegant La Xalada restaurant serves refined and unusual snacks and dishes from meat, fish and seafood. The hostess of the institution Isabel put her soul into this place, where it is so cozy, beautiful and tasty, that its popularity and authority among gourmets are growing every day. Fresh flowers in vases, vintage furniture, gilded chandeliers and an abundance of mirrors in beautiful frames, that’s how an unusually cheerful and vigorous owner sees his second home. Together with chef Gabriel, she decided to delight the vibrant public of the San Antoni district with an incredibly sophisticated menu, the keynote of which is the ability to enjoy life and have fun. The Catalan verb “xalar” is translated in this way - to be a little bit out of this world, rejoicing in every minute and having fun without fear of appearing ridiculous. In a good sense of the word, the crazy “chalada” Isabel defies your taste buds and asks you not to hold back if you tried the dish and you wanted to jump up and rush to the kitchen to kiss the cook. Reading the menu, you understand that I want to try everything at once. We advise you to choose a few snacks for all and one hot meal. To get started, try the local potato patatas bravas, eggplant chips with goat cheese and a dish called galets con pollo, which consists of tender dough and chicken under a cheese gratin. Fish lovers will be delighted with sea bass and sea urchin ceviches, as well as octopus and squid with pesto sauce and black olives. Connoisseurs of lamb must order a dish “Pisa Morena”, pumpkin gnocchi are good for making pasta, and for dessert we recommend orange pie or almond flan. On the street in front of the restaurant there is a terrace for those who like to soak up the sun. Prices are above average, the average bill per person is 30 euros.
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