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Испания, Barcelona, Carrer del Roser, 74 Испания, Barcelona, Carrer del Roser, 74
+34 930 17 98 72 +34 930 17 98 72
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Having come to rest in Barcelona, ​​I want to taste as many as possible dishes from fresh fish and seafood. In the heat it does not pull on heavy meat dishes at all, I want more vitamins, refreshing combinations, bright tastes and a feeling of lightness after eating. Restaurant Lascar 74 specializes in ceviches, and if you have not yet become a fan of this Peruvian dish, then correct this misstep as soon as possible. Ceviche are slices of raw fish marinated in lime juice with the addition of various ingredients and seasonings. Instead of fish, you can use shrimp, scallop or octopus. The main thing that these products were the first freshness. In the menu of the Lascar 74 restaurant there are seven different types of ceviche. Be sure to order a few to choose from, especially the Thai version with coconut milk and chili, as well as the Japanese version of tuna with the addition of ginger, sesame and soy. In addition to the ceviches, there is a very delicious grilled octopus, scallops with parmesan sauce and fresh tuna salad with wild rice. If you like oysters, order a few to choose from, you will be pleasantly surprised by the way they serve them. Stylish minimalism reigns inside the restaurant, the waiters are extremely attentive, and in addition to food, fresh lemonades and pisco cocktails await you. In Peru, it is customary to drink ceviches with this particular grape vodka. Therefore, the Lascar 74 is not only a graveyard, but also a pisco bar. The menu has many cocktails made from fresh fruit and pisco, do not miss the cosmic combination with passion fruit. The average bill per person is about 25 euros.
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