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Испания, Barcelona, Carrer de la Fusina, 5 Испания, Barcelona, Carrer de la Fusina, 5
+34 933 19 62 50 +34 933 19 62 50
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Llamber is one of the most fashionable gastronomical taverns in Barcelona, ​​where experienced gourmets and fudi mods come in crowds, so even in the middle of the week we recommend booking a table in advance. What is the secret of the success of this institution? Here, a couple of experienced chefs, Fran Heras and Eva Arbonés, are responsible for the kitchen. They have the equally successful project of the same name in Aviles behind them. Having transported their culinary offspring to Barcelona, ​​the guys created an original mix of Catalan and Asturian cuisines, relying on seasonal products, creative presentation and a constant desire to pleasantly surprise the taste buds of their guests. You are waiting for the author, a very personal, no matter how similar menu without complaints, which is hard not to fall in love. Large selection of cheeses, sausages, as well as fish, meat and seafood. Parmesan fondue with shrimps and baby asparagus, fuagra with crispy corn, fresh cod with guacamole, pork tenderloin with peaches and almonds, black rice with ali-oli. Desserts, returning to childhood and glasses of excellent wine for 2.5 or 3 euros per piece. The restaurant is located in the most fashionable part of the Born quarter, opposite the ancient Roman ruins of CCB, next to equally popular and trendy establishments. An ideal place for a meal after a walk through the Bourne boutiques or Citadel Park. Inside you will find a cozy design, high ceilings and very kind waiters. The average bill per person with wine is 40 euros. For lunch, there is the option of a comprehensive multi-course lunch to choose from for 15 euros.
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