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Corn is located on the first floor of the Best Western Robert Treat Hotel. In addition to the relaxed atmosphere and serving luxurious dishes, corn is decorated in such a way that it can perform any function. The legendary owner and famous chef provide an irresistible unique cuisine. Fresh herbs are produced as part of a model community project that tells a story of rebirth and hope. Serving lunch and dinner, corn has an elaborate tea menu and an extensive wine list and is open seven days a week. Corn, owned by Livingstone, a resident of New Jersey Wilson de Souza, received a "Very Good" rating from The New York Times and "Three Stars" from The Star-Ledger. Corn was the scene of the popular HBO series The Sopranos, and was also shown on NBC Today's weekend in New York. MAIZE offers HOTEL free parking with a check (although not in conjunction with any NJPAC indicators)
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