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Испания, Barcelona, Ctra. de Miramar, 38 Испания, Barcelona, Ctra. de Miramar, 38
+34 931 06 60 52 +34 931 06 60 52
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If you want to have a delicious dinner or just drink champagne with oysters in a stylish place with a view of Barcelona, ​​go up to Montjuic, you will like the Martinez terrace at a glance and may become one of your favorite places to eat in Barcelona. This restaurant with a spacious terrace opened recently, but immediately became a cult place among Barcelona gourmets and city guests who love to indulge themselves with local cuisine of excellent quality in a beautiful place. Martinez Restaurant is located in a very privileged place on the mountain of Montjuic, hence the beautiful views of the port of Barcelona and the whole city. Opposite the restaurant there are splendid gardens of the Miramar hotel. The restaurant is divided into three zones, an open restaurant area of ​​300 m2, a VIP area and a bar part. In the VIP area, there is a more extensive “a la carta” menu, which offers the best delicacies, such as Jamon Julin Martín, Santoña anchovies and Palamos shrimps. All sorts of carpaccio and tartare, grilled lobsters, a luxurious selection of rice dishes, steaks from selected beef and other gluttonies. The average price of a dish is 20 euros. In the main part of the restaurant for lunch you can order a set menu of “Fórmula Martínez”, which costs 40 euros per person. This includes homemade vermouth based on Martini or Moritz beer, Russian salad, from mussels or ham croquettes, fresh vegetable salad and paella to choose from four different types. The same price includes a bottle of wine for two. In Martinez, you should also enjoy the freshest oysters of caliber No. 3 La fine claire (Ile d’Oléron) and Guillemet from Normandy. If you come here with children, you can relax, they will definitely not be up to you, in the special Kindergarden children's area, children lose track of time. If you arrived in your car and accidentally went on a spree and drank too much, there is also no reason to worry, local angelitos, experienced drivers will take you to your hotel or apartment by your own car.
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