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Омск, Кемеровская, 1/2 Омск, Кемеровская, 1/2
+7 381 250-60-70 +7 381 250-60-70
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Mishkin & Mishkin is a fresh, trendy and bright grill restaurant and bar with a huge selection of designer drinks. The space of the restaurant is a loft, where a laconic, sustained interior perfectly coexists with unique details, be it designer chandeliers or exclusive designer furniture. The heart of Mishkin & Mishkin is a large pin bar located in the center of the hall. This is where the main action takes place: the barmen pour the author's cocktails, the art team entertains the audience, and the waiters dance with the guests. The concept of the kitchen is a grill, grill and once again a grill. Honest portions of steaks of all possible types and degrees of roasting are perfectly combined in the menu with classical positions and original desserts, and the grill zone, open to the eyes, will allow visitors to personally control the process of cooking their favorite dishes. Events - one of the priorities in the work of Mishkin & Mishkin. Features of the interior, cuisine and cultural program of the restaurant are well suited for celebrating holidays for every taste, whether it is a brand presentation, a business meeting of business people or a birthday.
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Anonymous (Igor A) 6 months ago
Обедал, а затем ужинал в этом заведении с коллегами. Бизнес ланч по вполне приемлемым ценам, все вкусно, официанты вежливые и быстро обслуживают. Достойный интерьер, все оформлено со вкусом. В обед людей было немного, как впрочем и вечером в будний день. Вечером ужинали большой компанией немного мешала громкая музыка, затем нас пересадили в другое место и стало тише и комфортнее. Ценник средний, но для Омска наверное дороговато... Вполне достойное заведение!
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