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We invite you to discover our passion for fresh seafood at the Mitchell fish market, where fish from the boat is fresh, drinks are made from fresh juice, and the atmosphere is as warm and inviting as the day on the water. At the Mitchell fish market, we are obsessed with fresh seafood. Our mantra is commitment and a passion for freshness as a way of life - a guarantee that our fish is 100% fresh or not good enough. The menu, inspired by the chef, includes more than 80 items, such as fried cedar Atlantic salmon and sea bass Shang Hai. Try out how obsessive the freshness of taste is in the Mitchell fish market ... catch fish if anyone else fresh in the ocean! View the menu online at www.mitchellsfishmarket.com! There is convenient parking around WestShore Plaza or in a nearby garage. Valet parking is also available for lunch and dinner for $ 3.
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