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Испания, Barcelona, Carrer de la Diputació, 249 Испания, Barcelona, Carrer de la Diputació, 249
+34 932 72 61 87 +34 932 72 61 87
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One of the most luxurious and unique establishments of Barcelona for wine lovers is called Monvinic, its wine list with four thousand positions with a convenient search will surprise even the most capricious enophile. If you have questions and special preferences, an experienced sommelier in good English will advise and help with the choice. Spacious interior in minimalist Nordic style, perfect lighting, pleasant public and calm atmosphere. Several American publications have recognized Monvinic as the best wine restaurant in the world. If you are looking for fun and Spanish flavor, then this place is unlikely you will like it. Real aesthetes come here to enjoy the taste of wine and learn about new varieties and the latest market favorites. A glass of wine here costs from 2 to 10 euros, depending on rarity and aging. Every day a selection of wines that are bottled varies. Instead of the usual menu on paper in Monvinic, each visitor is given a tablet, which allows you to interactively familiarize yourself with the entire range of wines and then select the varieties you like and taste through the search filters. In addition to wine, there is a large selection of snacks from meat, fish, seasonal vegetables and mushrooms. The food here is expensive, the average bill per person is about 60 euros. On weekdays, there is a two-course dinner menu and dessert for 20 euros per person. Book a table in advance, otherwise you risk not getting into the institution.
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