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Россия, Владимир, Октябрьский пр., 7 Россия, Владимир, Октябрьский пр., 7
+7 960 724-39-55 +7 960 724-39-55
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With us you can have breakfast with your whole family, have lunch with friends and colleagues, have a tasty and useful meal for your children or have a romantic dinner with your loved one. Russia is washed by a multitude of seas and oceans, but in our stores you will not find fresh fish at reasonable prices in the afternoon with fire. We were able to adjust the supply of fish from all parts of our country and other fish powers, and we strictly monitor the prices of our products to remain affordable. "MOREMANIA" came up with the "Northern Company", one of the largest fish companies on the market, founded in 1993. The North Company imports fish and seafood from Europe, America and Asia. The company is the largest distributor of Russian fish. The Northern Company owns fish processing enterprises in the Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Sakhalin. The company produces red caviar under the brands "Severnaya", "Scarlet Pearl", "Six hundredth", gourmet red fish under the brand "Gustafsen" and delivers to all retail chains of the country. All products for “MOREMANIA” are made from the best raw materials at a factory located near Moscow in the village of Krasnaya Pakhra under the constant control of leading technologists.
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Anonymous (Софья) 6 months ago
Побывали всей семьей в ресторане "Моремания" и остались очень довольны. Порадовало разнообразное меню с приятными ценами. Свежая рыба и морепродукты оказались лучшего качества, такого мы не встречали ни в одном заведении нашего города. Но столкнулись с одним минусом. В зале стоит заметно чувствующийся рыбный запах, что некоторым может доставить небольшой дискомфорт. Не считая этого незначительного минуса, заведение рекумендую к посещению!
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