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Россия, Горно-Алтайск, Красноармейская ул., 1 Россия, Горно-Алтайск, Красноармейская ул., 1
+7 913 696-44-46 +7 913 696-44-46
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The Einstein Museum of Entertaining Sciences presents exhibits that will explain how the various laws of nature work. All the exhibits of this unusual museum are not only possible, but even just need to touch, figuring out the principle of their work. The creators of the museum say that here children will be able to study the laws of science and the world around them in an interactive way. We can say that the Museum of entertaining sciences is an attraction where you can touch everything, take part in everything; it will make such complex sciences as physics, chemistry, mathematics, entertaining, interesting and accessible. “Our children will learn that science can be very boring. We hope that with our help the younger generation will become interested in the natural sciences. And adults will find a lot of interesting things here; and the little explorers will undoubtedly be delighted with the huge soap bubbles inside which you can find yourself, say the creators of the museum. “Visitors can touch a tornado, check the stability of their hands, and even remain without their bodies.” Guides will work in the museum, who will tell about the interesting properties of the exhibits. The tour lasts about half an hour, after it the children can practice on their own.
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