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респ Крым, г Алушта респ Крым, г Алушта
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Cape Cliff, also known as Cape Plaka, is located on the southern coast of the Crimea, east of the Ayu-Dag mountain, between the resort settlement of Partenit and the city of Alushta, on the coast of Kuchuk-Lambatsky Bay. The height of the cape is 50 m, the length is 330 m. From the Greek name of the cape "Plaka" is translated as "flat stone". In 1947, the Cape received the status of a monument of nature. This natural original composition in the form of a mushroom is very similar in profile to a Pekingese dog. In ancient times, the fortifications and lighthouse point Lambas were located here. Cape Cliff (Cape Plaka) consists mainly of greenish porphyrites - stones of magmatic origin, which are characterized by porphyry structure. Scientists calculated that during the formation of the rock mass (Plaka), the pressure in the alloy was about 1 thousand kg per square centimeter. During an underwater survey of the territories around the cape, three sites with an accumulation of archaeological material were found. Also among the finds were found fragments of ceramic scattered on the bottom surface. Only one narrow-jug jugs (popular in 9–11 items) here found more than 60 pieces. From the top of Cape Plaka, an unusually impressive and beautiful panorama opens from one side to Ayu-Dag, Partenit and the whole Kuchuk-Lambatsky Bay, and from the other to Karabakh and Mount Castel. From the observation deck of the cape you can see Kuchuk-Lambatsky stone chaos.
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