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The Old San Juan Restaurant offers fantastic service and delicious cuisine in the Los Angeles area. Those who want to try real Puerto Rican food at Atwater Village can find delicious dishes, such as bacalaitos (cod fritters) or sorullitos de maiz (grilled corn flour) for snacks, and then go on to main dishes, such as carne guisada (savory meat with spices) dish) and chicharon de pollo. Whether ensalada de pulpo or lechon asado (grilled pork), which is suitable for those who want, there is one and the other in Old San Juan. In addition to these dishes, Old San Juan is proud to cook a variety of rice, seafood and beef dishes. Be sure to try the wonderful desserts, some of which are “Flan de Quezo” and “Brazo Gitano de Quezo Crema Con Guayaba”.
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