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Oliver Cafe and Lounge, located in Beverly Hills, specializes in modern kitchen cafes with food for every taste and dietary needs. Breakfast options such as Beverly Hills burrito with scrambled eggs, onions, avocados, black beans, cheese and salsa and omelettes “create your own” are a protein-rich way to start your day. Lighter options, such as organic muesli with fruit, nuts and low-fat yogurt, and fresh fruit remover, a seasonal fruit plate with low-fat yogurt, honey and poppy seeds, are ideal for low-fat diets. Cafe Oliver has a lunch and dinner menu in the Lounge designed by a nutritionist, but there are still many tempting options such as pasta and panini. Fresh salads and sandwiches offer many options for vegans, while Oliver's Quinoa Cafe and Lounge, steamed vegetables and a soft tofu bowl with edamame and fried nori, will tease the taste buds.
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