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Испания, Barcelona, Moll de Catalunya, Испания, Barcelona, Moll de Catalunya,
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Rated 2016, the most beautiful bar in the world is located in the new port of Barcelona. An institution with such a high-profile status is the private club One Ocean, which was opened in 2014 immediately after the redevelopment of the Barcelona marina Port Vell. Now the mega-yachts of the richest people of the world moor here, and you can drink and snack at One Ocean, admiring not only these luxurious boats, but also the incredible design of the place and the beautiful people around. Coming to One Ocean is better at sunset, when the golden light flashes, reflects from the water and plays beautifully on the walls and ceilings of the place. Do not forget about the dress code, in Barcelona it is a rarity, but here you will not be allowed in the beach view, this is the place where elegant people come to have a good time. Inside there are two separate spaces - a cocktail bar and a restaurant. The menu in both places is different. In the bar, the prices for snacks are much more democratic than in a restaurant, although for an institution of this level the cost of meals in a restaurant is also fully justified. Oysters, scallops, jamon, three types of tar-tar, sushi and sashimi for every taste, grilled Angus steak, duck wings and many other delicacies ... A prestigious club operates in “members only” mode, that is, not everyone can get inside. You need to be a member of the club, or come on the recommendation or in the company of one of them. If you want to get to One Ocean, write to us, we will arrange a reservation for you.
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