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Osso, which means “bone” in Italian, sums up the sensations of this restaurant, sausages and small dishes. Housed inside a building that is more than 100 years old, its interior was bare to the bone, creating the Arts District brick building. Created by Pierre Casanova, Dana Hollister and Ami Lurie, this restaurant offers a varied menu that includes appetizers such as beef jerky, hamati krudo fish dishes, a selection on the market, such as beef tartare and pie. Osso also presents a variety of craft cocktails and experienced wines. Osso offers market greens and chilled wax beans for those who prefer vegan dishes. Visitors can also take part in the full brunch menu, which includes Italian flavors such as gnocchi alla carbonara, asparagus parmigiano and drinks, including charred cinnamon and honey khorhatu, cold coffee and spicy tamarind celery and soda.
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