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Кемеровская обл, г Кемерово, ул. Кирова Кемеровская обл, г Кемерово, ул. Кирова
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Kemerovo City Garden "Park of Miracles" is a center of recreation and entertainment with more than eighty years of history. Adults and children can walk here all day and find something for themselves. The park has 30 rides, slot machines, volleyball and tennis courts, a shooting gallery, 7 cafes, a brass band plays at the weekend. In the park, at every step you can enjoy ice cream, try a delicious kebab or grilled chicken, remember the taste of cotton candy, which was familiar from childhood. Much attention in the park is paid to the organization of cultural and creative programs. Not a single summer holiday, be it “Children's Day” or “Youth Day”, is left without attention. A lot of interesting things are waiting for visitors in the Park of Miracles on Saturdays and Sundays. During the day, children's game programs are held with funny clowns and colorful fairy-tale characters. The game program is replaced by a children's disco. At 18 o'clock couples whirl to the music of a brass band. For many years, a circle of dance lovers has been formed, but, of course, newcomers are always welcome here.
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