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Испания, Barcelona, Carrer del Dr. Dou, 10 Испания, Barcelona, Carrer del Dr. Dou, 10
+34 937 68 98 97 +34 937 68 98 97
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In Barcelona, ​​more and more healthy food restaurants are opening every day. This becomes a process of change of consciousness, and not just a fashionable trend. People begin to take care of their health, play sports, arrange detox and learn the beneficial properties of nutritious foods. Restaurant Petit Brot is located on Doctor Dou Street, where each institution is the epitome of style and beauty. This street is adored by all Barcelona mods, perhaps, this is the most beautiful street of the Upper Raval. Already through the window of the restaurant, RAW, BIO and ECO inscriptions are striking the eye, the beautiful interior beckons to go inside. Cafe owners Laura and Ales a couple of years ago abandoned animal food in favor of healthy eating and raw food, they themselves sprout sprouts, adding them to their necks and juices for their guests. All drinks are prepared on the basis of cold pressed technology, retaining 100% of the taste and beneficial properties of the ingredients. All juices and necks are prepared at the time of order. At lunch, there is a formula of one snack, main course and dessert for 15.95 euros. From the main dishes to choose spaggeti bologna zucchini, couscous with cauliflower, coconut and curry sauce, lettuce with sprouts, sauerkraut, vegetables and seeds and many other raw food joys. Juices and necks here cost from 5 to 7 euros, which is not cheap at all, but you should always pay a little more for health and vitamins. It also sells peanut milk of various kinds, muesli, chiy pudding, sweets and other sweets, which the children prepare themselves with great love and concern for your health.
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