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Испания, Barcelona, Carrer del Comerç, 1 Испания, Barcelona, Carrer del Comerç, 1
+34 935 11 66 61 +34 935 11 66 61
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Picnic restaurant has become famous and beloved among the trendy Barcelona youth, not only because of the cosmopolitan design in the style of La Federal and Caravelle. Of course, he wins by his disposition, for Bourn is Born. Perhaps now Picnic is one of the most fashionable places for a late breakfast in Barcelona. Fans of brunch - to you here! After such a feast, it will be very pleasant to stroll through the Citadel Park, which is two steps away from the restaurant. The creators of Picnic speak of their offspring as a family institution with a touch of fashionable gourmet. Here, a stylish interior, a cozy terrace and amazing cuisine with hints of Mexican, Californian, Australian, Chilean and Asian dishes. We recommend to try fried green tomatoes, poached eggs with duck confit or Benedict eggs, some of the most delicious in Barcelona. For a sweet, order the magical homemade panna kotta. Cocktails from fresh juices, designed specifically to relieve a hangover, will also come in handy. Local Bladi Mary in the nicest jars - a real hit places. For brunch in Picnic come on Saturday and Sunday, and during the week you can have a great lunch with a comprehensive business lunch menu. The restaurant has a small outdoor terrace. Prices are above average.
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