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Испания, Barcelona, Carrer de Bellafila, 5 Испания, Barcelona, Carrer de Bellafila, 5
+34 934 12 65 52 +34 934 12 65 52
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If you are looking for an institution in Barcelona with a creative and tasty menu for a romantic evening, feel free to book a table at the restaurant Pla. His beautiful surroundings, candles and twilight in the lane of the Gothic Quarter hidden from tourists will conquer you from the first second. Here, the original form of receiving orders - the waiter sits down at your table and recommends dishes as his good friends. The local chef, Jaume Pla, studied under the culinary god of Catalonia, Ferran Adrià. Creative, light and modern cuisine from seasonal products. The portions are small, we advise you to take a few first courses, hot and dessert. For a snack, try tuna tartare, artichokes and broccoli carpaccio, and shrimp, risotto, steak or octopus on the hot dish. Each dish here is an explosion of taste and a real delight for the eyes. Who loves to photograph food, will get great pleasure here. Be sure to leave a place for desserts, and do not forget to reserve a table in advance, at least a couple of days, because the place is extremely popular among both Barcelona residents and tourists.
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