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POMONA, a seasonal American restaurant, is named after Pomona, the mythological goddess of fruit, harvest and abundance, whose statue adorns the top of the famous Pulitzer Fountain, located directly opposite the restaurant. The menu offers a variety of dishes inspired by New York ingredients and culinary traditions, with suggestions such as the Hudson Valley foie gras slider with sour apple oil; Sea water with chicken fillet with New York State oats, lemon, escalol; and Prime 40 Day-Aged 12 oz New York Strip. Also adapt the New York classics — the hot dog — by offering the Black Truffle Chicken Dog on a bun with buns and spicy mustard. The cocktail restaurant program will feature various branded cocktails, classics, an old-fashioned menu, Negroni variations, inspired Native Americans and Dutch will come from local teas, roots, herbs and childbirth; while the era after the revolution will be focused on the old Madeiras, the Yablovoks, the Roma and the New York apples. Parking icon: 10 E 59th St, New York, New York 10022 SP Parking: 58 West 58th St New York, New York 10019 New York Parking 56 St Corp: 65 West 56th New York, New York 10019
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