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Турция, Fatih, Divanyolu Caddesi, 6 Турция, Fatih, Divanyolu Caddesi, 6
+90 212 522 29 70 +90 212 522 29 70
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Cafe "Pudding Shop" - a cult place in the center of Istanbul, in the historic district of Sultanahmet. It is easy to find on a bright sign that says that it has been known all over the world since 1957. The Pudding Shop was created by the brothers Idris and Namik Zolpan as a regular catering establishment. The cafe is rather modestly equipped, so it was not some special luxury that made him so famous, but the atmosphere that reigns in him. It was the guests' personalities that animated the cafe. For regular visitors this place was the second home. This is the center of the world for hippies of the late 60s. They flocked here, making the last stop on the way to the East. On the walls - a lot of photos of "children of flowers", posters of the 60s and 70s, old newspaper cuttings, on a special shelf - a stack of letters. Right in the hall - a large tandoor for making cakes. At the souvenir stands, you can choose and buy for ten lire a piece of clothing with the Pudding shop logo. The café is also famous for the fact that the legendary film Midnight Express was filmed here, the author of the script was in 1978 awarded an Oscar.
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