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We use local seasonal ingredients to create dishes in the Tuscan style. Our dishes include pizza, snacks, seafood and homemade pasta. Italian and Virginia wines make up a dynamic wine list. Our craft cocktails are made to order and use the freshest ingredients. The bistro has an open kitchen with a classic wood-burning stove, a full-service bar and an outdoor seating area. Sunday is our wine night. Please ask questions about the tasting of our chef's multi-course tables with the optional combination of wines. Red Pump Tuscan cuisine is a pleasant combination of the highest quality ingredients and careful preparation of our chefs, who take pride in the dishes they present. When booking our High-Top seats, you will get a seat at our chef's table, a high table located in front of our open kitchen in the very center of the restaurant. Gourmets and restaurant lovers can not miss this culinary experience! Parking confirmation at Market St Garage
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