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You will not find equal pizzeria in the whole Ciutat Vella, Murivecchi opened since 2004 in the Borne district of Barcelona. From the very beginning, we wanted the kitchen base to be from the south of Italy, mainly from Campania, using authentic products from this region to offer the best pizza in Barcelona. Pasta is cooked mainly from seafood and fish, giving them a new flavor with zucchini and its flowers, artichokes, pumpkin, white beans and mushrooms. Fresh cheeses such as mozzarella de bufala, burrata or scamorza afumicata come from the bell. Do not forget about the real Neapolitan pizza, cooked in a wood oven, especially the pizza Margherita, made from exclusive products Campania (mozzarella de Bufala or fior di latte, tomatoes and flour). Ends with Neapolitan sweets, such as baba, fogolietella, tart caprese or strufolli.
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