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г Севастополь, Гагаринский р-н, пр-кт Героев Сталинграда, д 27 г Севастополь, Гагаринский р-н, пр-кт Героев Сталинграда, д 27
+7 978 836-54-14 +7 978 836-54-14
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Resto - Pub "Schulz" will delight you with a pleasant atmosphere, excellent service, delicious dishes and, of course, the best varieties of fresh beer. Our Resto Pub is an organism, a brewery is a heart, and the final product is beer is our soul. We have a soul with character, this character is expressed in archival aged beer. The mood of our soul is different, but standardly classic, excellent and the proof is such a position as - Light beer. All other emotions of our soul are displayed in such beer interpretation - El, Dark. Living beer Schulz, brewed in front of guests, not only lightens the mood with its fragrant aroma and unforgettable taste, but also enriches with vitamins, minerals and microelements. After all, our beer is bottled directly from camp tanks and enough for everyone, since we can produce more than 1000 liters of live beer per day. Resto Pub "Schulz" is an incredibly correct interior from the point of view of any beer lover: wooden furniture and soft sofas, a huge bar counter, a spacious dance floor, a professionally equipped stage, a hall for 224 seats. The main snacks are served from the meat shop, dishes on the grill, an assortment of cold snacks, and live fish and crayfish will be prepared according to original recipes. There is always a friendly atmosphere, friendly waiters and good service. On the territory of the resto-pub there is a sushi bar, a pastry shop. There is also a rest room for younger guests.
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