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Респ Крым, г Ялта, пгт Гаспра, Алупкинское шоссе, д 21 Респ Крым, г Ялта, пгт Гаспра, Алупкинское шоссе, д 21
+7 365 277-70-35 +7 365 277-70-35
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Pine Grove is a whole complex of restaurants, with the same-name sanatorium. In the restaurant "Chair" guests are always offered a buffet with high-quality cuisine, fresh fruit and pastries. If necessary, we will select the appropriate dietary or children's menu. In the luxurious interiors of the Volna restaurant you can order the most exquisite European dishes, and you can celebrate a family celebration or a wedding. The Romanoff Grill and Bar is located next to the swimming pool. Here you can enjoy fragrant meat dishes cooked over an open fire, aromatic coffee, and children - ice cream, cocktails and fruit. And in the evening, in the most romantic ship-restaurant "Scarlet Sails", located on the shore, the masters of the kitchen will treat you to fish dishes and seafood specialties. Guests love the fresh oysters. They are purchased on an oyster farm, which is located next to the Pine Grove.
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