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Шератон Роуд Шератон Роуд
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The Star Fish restaurant opened in 2006 and is considered a major competitor to another fish establishment, Fish House. The service, design and menu here is at a decent level, and the price of food is about two times lower than in Fish House. Star Fish is located on Sakkala Square and has two floors, decorated with interesting design ideas. On the first floor there is a small waterfall, and on the second floor there are amazingly beautiful aquariums, in which exotic fish and other sea inhabitants swim. The menu of the restaurant menu includes the Russian version, which makes the choice of dishes comfortable for the Russian-speaking visitor. Star Fish’s specialty is the soup with shells (“bones”), which is dominated by mussels, shrimps, crabs and squids. Other dishes are worth attention - seafood platter, eel and squids stuffed with shrimps. Children here will also have something to eat - the menu of the restaurant presents the menu for the little ones as well. The average bill per person in Star Fish is $ 20. The menu contains only non-alcoholic cocktails, soft and hot drinks, since alcohol is not provided in the restaurant. The service at Star Fish is of high quality - professionals work here. A special feature of Star Fish is that on the ground floor, after dinner, visitors are offered to taste the national dessert served in clay bowls, and in the evening everyone is invited to take part in various shows.
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