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Rush Hour Cafe & Grill is a Middle Eastern restaurant and delivery service. When visitors think of fast and convenient restaurants and delivery options, they usually consider only pizza and Chinese food. In response, Rush Hour Café was developed, giving visitors access to fine Middle Eastern cuisine anytime and anywhere. Even better, the Rush Hour is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so visitors don't have to worry about whether the restaurant is open. The Rush Hour menu includes omelets, breakfast dishes, croissant sandwiches, and breakfast options such as tabbouleh, hummus, mast o caviar, and eggplant caviar. Turning to lunch and dinner, visitors can try dishes such as pork chops, lamb chips, chicken wings, chicken kebabs and kebabs that can be served at the option of chicken, beef, steak, pork or lamb. There are also sandwich options such as falafel and Polish dog.
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