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Испания, Barcelona, Plaça de Narcís Oller, 3 Испания, Barcelona, Plaça de Narcís Oller, 3
+34 931 85 76 49 +34 931 85 76 49
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In translation, the name of this restaurant sounds ironic - “Holy Gluttony”. In fact, you only have to look at the menu, as you understand that gluttony will happen without fail and you will have to eat only vegetables a couple of days after such a feast and go in for sports to atone for one of the most seductive mortal sins. Santa Gula is an excellent institution in all respects far from the tourist bustle of Barcelona. A cozy little room with a simple interior and lots of pleasant little things, as if you were in the kitchen of your culinary friends. On the square opposite the entrance there is an open terrace for those who like to dine in the fresh air. Here, each dish is amazing, for their preparation uses only the freshest products from the market. Portions of the ideal size, two dishes per person and dessert is enough to eat. Every two weeks the restaurant changes the menu depending on seasonal products. But you will always find a few snacks from vegetables, fish or seafood, the most delicate ceviches, tare tara, homemade pasta with unreal sauces, as well as meat dishes and sumptuous desserts. We recommend tartar of red tuna, scallops in coconut sauce with lime, lamb meatballs, and sweet cake with passion fruit cheesecake. Believe me, this is great. And if you find it difficult to make a choice, feel free to rely on the advice of the waiters. The average price of a meal is 12 euros. Good wine list. We advise you to book a table in advance by phone, as even on weekdays, there is always a lot of people here.
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