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Sushi & Kushi Imai is a traditional Japanese restaurant. This is a small cozy restaurant where guests are truly treated as friends. Due to the small nature of the restaurant, guests can mingle with the staff and cooks while cooking. This gives Sushi & Kushi Imai an individual approach that is simply impossible to reproduce in larger restaurants. Sushi and Kushi Imai offer a large menu if you are offered fresh sushi, sashimi and nigiri. During the day, Sushi & Kushi Imai has several special dinners that visitors can choose. These are appetizers served with soup, salad, rice, steamed vegetables, and orange dessert. Some of the dishes that guests can choose include tofu, black cod salad, sashimi, kushi or salmon, chicken or beef teriyaki. Visitors can also just take a pair of branded sushi rolls if they want.
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