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Here fondue becomes an unforgettable four-course dinner where you can really plunge into something else. Enjoy a choice of four fragrant fondue styles and a variety of delicious dishes, including tender beef, boneless chicken breast, duck, lobster, shrimp, scallops, salmon and more. All are available in various combinations with various special sauces. Cheese fondue can be ordered separately and is included in the price of any combined dinner. Together with each dish you get bread, salted vegetables and even a choice of three different fresh salads. As if this is not enough to whet your appetite, you will also enjoy a wide selection of creamy, mouthwatering chocolate fondue desserts. In addition to the ever-expanding fondue menu in the Melting Pot, there is also a growing list of wines. Come, relax and immerse yourself in the exciting new Melting Pot experience. Free valet parking on Saturday and Sunday. There are two garages and a parking lot located in the area. One garage is on the 5th and Market, and the other two are on Water Street. One of them is a garage and the other is parking. We check for 2 hours of parking.
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