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The Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan Island is a casual restaurant and bar specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, pizza and seafood. The restaurant's interior was designed using troubled and rescued woods to give it an authentic, rustic look. Marine elements, such as hanging knots and ropes, were used to decorate the dining room. The atmosphere is relaxed with bluegrass music playing in the background. The stubborn daughter is popular for friendly and efficient service. Start with a snack, such as Mepkin Abbey mushrooms with cabbage, breadcrumbs, parmesan and farm eggs, baked Clammer Dave clams with garlic breadcrumbs or fried red bass with brown sage and chipollini. Guests at Obstinate Daughter offer a variety of pasta dishes and pizza to choose from. Try ricotta gnocchi, tortellini with meatballs, or the popular pizza ballerka with pork meatballs, red pepper, red onion, chili flakes and mozzarella. There is also ample off street parking.
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