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Тула, Тургеневская, 13 Тула, Тургеневская, 13
+7 487 225-97-25 +7 487 225-97-25
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Amazingly beautiful and luxurious hall, whose walls keep the secrets of Tula history and culture, marble floor, monumental lamps, works of art, a collection of antique bronze clocks of French and European masters, make the Turgenev restaurant an ideal place for both a business lunch and a romantic date . While you miss Europe’s exemplary delicious cuisine, our chefs come up with and create for you amazing dishes that can overshadow even the most vivid taste sensations of your travels. The freshest products of the best gastronomic sites of Russia, unique recipes of Russian and European cuisine and an impeccable team of chefs that does not cook in the kitchen, but creates! Our affordable prices will pleasantly surprise you! To feel the taste of true luxury, it is enough to become a guest of the Turgenev restaurant, where everything, from refined interior and friendly staff, to good music and pleasant public, is aimed at one thing - so that you have a great time!
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