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Испания, Barcelona, Passeig de l'Exposició, 85 Испания, Barcelona, Passeig de l'Exposició, 85
+34 935 53 51 40 +34 935 53 51 40
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There are restaurants in which you fall in love immediately and forever. Then you savor the memories for a long time and dream of returning as soon as possible. Hemei deservedly and proudly bears the title of the best Italian restaurant in Barcelona. And, most surprisingly, you will not find lasagna, pasta carbonara, bolognaise or pizza margarita in the menu. This restaurant specializes in modern Venetian cuisine, here only two types of meat are served - lamb from the city of Lleida and Dutch beef. Restaurant chef Max Colombo explains: "In Spain, it has long been impossible to find high-quality beef, and no one should try to prove to you the opposite." Seasonal vegetables come here from small gardens of the Maresme coast. Frutti di Mare and Veneciana fish and seafood for cold appetizers and sauces are brought daily and picked with special trepidation. For appetizers, try burrat and octopus; for hot, we recommend pasta with white truffle, spaghetti with squid ink and seafood, and veal liver in Venetian style. Do not forget about homemade desserts, especially highlight the local tiramisu. Good wine list with Catalan and Italian wines. On a sunny day or a warm evening, we advise you to take a table on the open terrace. The service here is informal and very high quality, the waiters speak excellent English and will kindly help with the choice. Pleasant relaxed atmosphere. The average bill per person with wine is about 50 euros.
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