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Испания, Barcelona, Av. del Litoral, 62 Испания, Barcelona, Av. del Litoral, 62
+34 932 21 07 29 +34 932 21 07 29
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Chiringuito is a beach cafe located near the seashore, which usually only works during the summer season. Most often, these institutions can not boast of high-class cuisine, the emphasis is on mojito and beer, which serves quick snacks and salads, but there are exceptions. The main dish of chiringuito eskriba is, of course, paella. Paella of different types has been cooked here since 1992, for all these years the fame of its quality and taste does not decrease, and there are more and more regular visitors. In the kitchen, Joan Eskriba, a descendant of the family, comes from where one of the most famous confectioners of Barcelona comes from. Believe me, in this family they know a lot about culinary. For appetizers, we recommend trying mussels in a citrus dressing, Iberian jamon, grilled octopuses and cod and shrimp tartar. All this magnificence is worth nothing without the Catalan “pan con tomato”, bread with tomatoes. Paella is ordered for at least two, here it costs about 20 euros per person. There is a version of paella with seafood and fish, with a rabbit, with asparagus and mushrooms, or a vegan vegetable option. The menu also includes paella with lobster and black rice with octopus, shrimps and vegetables.
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