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г Севастополь, Балаклава, село Родниковское г Севастополь, Балаклава, село Родниковское
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Menhir (from the Breton "men" - "stone", "hir" - "long") - roughly processed, stone blocks dug vertically into the ground (4-5 m and above). Skelean menhirs, or Tekli-Tash (“put stone”), in the village of the Spring Baydarskaya valley had a religious significance for the inhabitants of the region. They witnessed the Roman, Byzantine, Greek era. Some archaeologists claim that the age of these stone blocks is about 4 thousand years, the most famous of their "relatives" is Stonehenge in the UK. The purpose of the Skelean menhirs remains a mystery; however, they are supposedly used as a place for the worship of pagan gods and sacrifices. According to another version, the stones are an ancient observatory. One way or another, today they are considered a “place of power.” There is a belief that childless couples who visited skeleton menhirs and sincerely asked for a miracle soon become happy parents.
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