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Ярославская обл, Ростовский р-н, г Ростов, Советская пл Ярославская обл, Ростовский р-н, г Ростов, Советская пл
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The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross was built in 1689, almost two centuries later it was completely rebuilt with the donations of merchant P.A. Vesnina. It was a single-domed, not very big eclectic church, it was located near a huge Fairground Square, surrounded by numerous trade rows. Here once populated and famous Rostov fair roared. In the 1930s, Holy Cross Church was demolished. From it survived only a high four-tiered bell tower, converted into a fire-tower. Close to the former bell tower adjoins the city fire station, located on the site of the demolished temple. Tower clock is installed on the tower. They are still countlessly counting endlessly current time.
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