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Рязанская обл, г Рязань Рязанская обл, г Рязань
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Ryazan region - the famous Meshchersky region. 2800 amazingly beautiful natural reservoirs are counted in these places. The lakes of the Ryazan region are mostly small, with an area of ​​less than 0.1 square kilometers. However, the five lakes are very large. They have an area of ​​more than 5 square kilometers. The largest is the Great Lake. The second largest is the Oak Lake, the third is the Holy Lake (or Holy Lake). The deepest lake is Beloe Lake. Its depth reaches 45 meters. The main feature of this reservoir is cold water, which has the ability to self-clean. It is worth mentioning that there are three White Lakes in the region. This nature reserve is located near the village of Belaya. All lakes of this region are rich in fish. Fishing in the Ryazan region is always fascinating. But for those who prefer to catch on the lakes, the best period is summer, when on the rivers the fish begins to peck worse. Pike, perch, ide, silver carp, grass carp, sterlet, trout - all these species of fish inhabit the lakes of the Ryazan region, not to mention roach, ruffs and crucians. Even small floodplain lakes along the Oka, to which many anglers do not pay attention, are rich in fish. There are cases when more fish were caught from a small lake than from a river. Tourist portal of the Ryazan region / www.ryazantourism.ru
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