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Рязанская обл., г. Рязань, Рязанская обл., г. Рязань,
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The city park in the center of Ryazan is one of the most popular holiday destinations among the townspeople. The park is also called the "Lower City Garden". The Ryazan Regional Philharmonic is located near the park, one of the oldest universities - the Ryazan State Pedagogical University named after S.А. Yesenin. In the park there is a cafe-club "Old Park". The park regularly hosts holidays and festivals, as well as concerts. There are many stories associated with this park. In 1904 the park was decorated with a whole complex of buildings: buildings and pavilions of the summer type. There was also a stage for musicians who played daily in the garden, a summer theater in which an operetta troupe performed, a summer cinema, a billiards pavilion, a restaurant ... In winter, the garden playground turned into a skating rink. Today, only the central pavilion, which was called the Summer Club of the Noble Assembly, has survived from the entire complex. Despite such a big name, the doors of the club were opened not only by local nobility, but also to all “decently dressed citizens”. The construction was made by the provincial architect Ivan Stepanovich Tsekhansky, who owns such well-known buildings in the city as the building of the Diocesan Women's College (now the main building of the Ryazan State University), the Almshouse of the Titovs (Ministry of Health), the Maternity Hospital (Maternity Center on Polonsky). The Summer Club had a large terrace in the entire length of the building, on which a small restaurant was located. In the central hall were placed diamond tables for a card game and there was an additional buffet for players. Opposite the club there was a round porch for musicians, where they mostly played waltzes, melodies from more popular operas and operettas. On weekends military bands were invited. Despite the fact that the entrance was paid, the garden of sobriety did not suffer from a shortage of visitors neither in winter nor in summer. The nobility and richer merchants came to play whist, raznochintsy and merchants of the second or third guild made promenades along the footpaths, the gymnasium students, who had looked into the porter in advance, sat around the shops and made eyes at the walking girls. With the growth of the city, the Garden of sobriety began to lose its privileged position, and the word "sobriety" from its name disappeared. After the revolution, the proletariat settled on the benches, and the Summer Club was eventually given to the children. In 1925, the city club of young pioneers was located within its walls. The next major owner of the building was the Unified Scientific and Methodological Center for Folk Art and Cultural and Educational Work. He occupies the building to this day. In Ryazan city park, an unusual monument “Mushrooms with eyes” was installed. The sculpture appeared on the day of the city on August 2, 2013. The sculptural group includes not only mushrooms, both with and without eyes, but also small animals and insects - a frog, a lizard, a snail, a ladybug, which can be found in Ryazan forests. In addition, on the "Mushrooms with eyes" you can relax, as the composition is combined with a bench.
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