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Санкт-Петербург, набережная реки Фонтанки, 3 Санкт-Петербург, набережная реки Фонтанки, 3
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On December 26, 1877, the first stationary circus in Russia opened - the Big St. Petersburg State Circus. The artists of that time called him one of the most beautiful and unique circuses. Gaetano Ciniselli - Italian, hereditary circus performer, animal trainer, magnificent rider and author of a unique idea about the construction of the building. The construction did without internal columns, which added space, and the span of the dome broke all records - 49.7 meters. Special, completely different from others, the design of the dome as if covering the hall. This design is so loved by the audience that it was used in the construction of many other stationary circuses. In the interior decoration adhered to luxury: velvet, gold, mirrors. The total number that the circus could accommodate - 5000 people, of which 1500 in the pit. The building of the Big St. Petersburg State Circus or Ciniselli Circus quickly became a landmark, and tickets for performances were bought up long before the premier.
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