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Саратовская обл, г Саратов, ул Большая Затонская Саратовская обл, г Саратов, ул Большая Затонская
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In Saratov, on the territory of the village of Zaton, there is a picturesque beach "Solarium", in which everyone can sunbathe and just relax and unwind. The lack of full bathing replace many other opportunities for beach activities. On the beach there are well-equipped volleyball, football and tennis courts, as well as a children's slide and a playground for children. The beach has one interesting feature: it is divided into a sandy area and a territory planted with grass. Therefore, anyone can combine a rest on the sand with a rest on the grass. Not far from the "Solarium" is a ferry to Green Island, where for a nominal fee you can take a trip along the Volga and wander around the outskirts of the island.
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