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Святыни и храмы

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Усадебный парк, Россия, Липецкая область, Данковский район, село Баловнево Усадебный парк, Россия, Липецкая область, Данковский район, село Баловнево
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The Church of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God in the village of Balovnevo, Dankov District, is an architectural monument of the Bazhenov VI School. It was built according to the plan of the front cathedral church of the Alexander Lavra with the chapels of Nikolsky (from 1798) and Ilyinsky (from 1799). The construction of the church was begun in 1789, completed in 1799. It was also being finished in the first third of the 19th century. The final decoration of the temple required the cost of 40,000 rubles from the owner of the Balovneva estate, Matvey Matveyevich Muromtsev. The Vladimir Church is a fundamentally new type of architectural composition of the Russian church. The monument has a favorite centering composition by Bazhenov. Its two bell towers are located symmetrically relative to the main entrance. Each of them has four tiers and ends with a spire. The church is covered with a dome, which houses a massive drum. The architect draws up large and blind planes of brick walls with a kind of inlay of stone and hewn round and diamond-shaped details. The original, almost sculptural layout of the masses brings to mind the construction of Tsaritsyn and Znamenka. At present, the church is again handed over to the Orthodox community of the village of Balovnevo.
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