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респ Алтай, Кош-Агачский р-н, село Чаган-Узун респ Алтай, Кош-Агачский р-н, село Чаган-Узун
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If there are places on Earth similar to Mars, then the Kyzyl-Chin tract in Altai is definitely among them. The name Kyzyl-Chin from Turkic is a red gorge. Red-brown layers were formed more than 300 million years ago. Green colors also belong to this period. These are ancient clays mixed with sandstone and limestone. Colored stripes are arranged in almost horizontal layers. Each layer was formed in a certain period; the conditions of the period depended on what color the clay would acquire. On the colorful mountains you can see how the melt water and the wind worked. Weathered slopes are almost vertical walls with columns. Meltwater cut through the grooves and ravines, creating a quaint relief.
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